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IPv6 allocation and tunnels

From September, we will start allocating IPv6 ranges to our Luxemburg xDSL customers, if they request it. As the xDSL operator (Luxemburg's P&T) is not yet IPv6 ready, we will provide those addresses as IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels.

As we will be using tunnels, we'll be happy to provide IPv6 addresses to our Belgian customers, too!

Please note that our infrastructure si fully IPv6 connected for 2 years, now. This new service is the logical path in our network evolution.

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About Us

Providing consultancy in network integration since 1990, Financial Art S.A. proves competencies mainly in security, performance optimisation, client/server applications, high availabily, virtualization and Voice over IP (VoIP). We are Certified and Partners of the following companies/produstcs: Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, Intel, and other vendors/manufacturers. We also have Open source certifications (Linux Professional Intitute Certified - LPIC). When needed, we will help our customers to find the best contractor for their development needs, if those are not system related!

As a philosophy, we will propose solutions instead of products. Those solutions gives our customers the right functionnality for their needs and perenity, instead of standard application parametrization. This commercial orientation ensures tightly scaled prices, while seeking for the perfect combination of legacy application, house made developments, and free softwares and operating systems.

As a logical continuation to our way of thinking, we share our knowledge in security and networking in training sessions, consultancy and supervision, either on site, or in our offices.

Our company offers hosting and housing services as well as Semi-Private cloud services thru our high performances infrastructures (1datacenter, gigabits Internet links)

Added to our SMB and Corporate customers, we are, on a regular basis, sub contractor consultant for other IT companies.

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